The Official Brand of Major League Baseball Player, Brett Phillips.




The reason we start playing baseball is because it’s fun.

As I progressed through the minor leagues, I noticed players losing sight of the enjoyment this game brings. The business and the pressure can easily overshadow the excitement of the greatest game in the world.

My ultimate goal with this apparel line is to remind everyone why they started playing baseball in the first place!

Brett Phillips

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Our shirts are a perfect combination of soft yet durable, sleek yet comfortable, and for every individual to enjoy.

We are dedicated to always supporting your hertz levels, providing the best quality items, listening to customer feedback, and growing with you all as we embark on an exciting journey together.

Without each of you, Baseball is Fun would still be an idea. You are just as much a part of this voyage as we are!


We tend to lose sight of the main reason we started playing this great game to begin with.

Our goal with this company is to remind each individual to partake in the enjoyment baseball can bring.

Our owner, Brett Phillips, organically shows us each day how much joy a person can have during 9 innings of baseball.

We want you all to feel that kind of joy when you wear Baseball is Fun merch.

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